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Car handling

Car handling It take some time to learn to be good driver. Listen to your driving school instructor. If instructor advice you to take more driving lessons before the driving test, you should. New driving test with little training costs easily 250-500€. With that money you can have 3 - 7 hours extra driving training.

By your self you study how to use car controllers. Remember to check car manual. Often you can find car manuals from webpage to of the car maker. For safety reasons you must know how to operate driving lights, windscreen wipers and heater.

Initial preparations Adjust the height of the seat so that your eyes are in middle of the windscreen. Test that you reach the clutch down, but donīt get too close the steering wheel. Make sure that headrest protect your neck. Adjust mirrors so that you can see the lane next to you and rear view mirror so that you can see back window totally. Fasten the seat belt.

Remember this order to save some time: SEAT - MIRRORS - SEAT BELT

Adjust the seat like this:
1) Height > your eyes should be middle of the windscreen
2) Distance > you must reach the clutch all down
3) Angle of back of the seat > you can reach to steering wheel with out problems

Watch the video. Why is best not wear winter jacket when you drive?

Gauges Before you move off, check that there are no any red warning indication lights on. If there is a yellow warning light, you can drive but you have fix the problem soon.

1) Fuel
2) Speed
3) Revolution counter (tacho meter)
4) Temperature of engine
5) Parking brake is on
6) Door is open

Driving When you start, make sure that gear is on neutral and parking brake is engaged. Step the clutch down and ignite the engine.

You can move off like this: step the clutch down and shift to 1st gear. Open the parking brake. Gently touch the accelerator and give about 1500 rpm and keep it steady. Find the clutch to bite point and freeze your foot when the car start to move. Wait until the speed is steady (about 10km/h) before you can open the clutch pedal slowly up.

1st gear is only good to moving off and already in speed 15-20km/h, you have shift up to 2nd gear. 3rd and 4th gear are often good gears in city speeds. 5th and 6th are suitable to highway driving. Step the clutch pedal all down before you shift. To shift to reversing gear: press the clutch down and drop the gear to neutral. Open up the clutch then step it down again before you shift the reversing gear in.

Watch Youtube videos from Britain:

When you park the car, always engage the parking brake and shift to 1st gear.