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Driving examination

Driving examination Earlier in Finland driving training was based for training and test was just checking that new driver is ready for independent training in traffic. In July 2018 system of driving education was change to test based. Today it is not so easy to pass tests as earlier. You have to know everything of driving and traffic and in driving test you have to drive like experience driver. Your driving instructor might might ask you to take more lessons, listen to your instructor.

Driving examination of passenger car include theory test and driving test. Motorbike have theory test, driving test and also also handling test. With a moped there is theory test and handling test.

Theory test Include 50 images, 15 questions and 5 special risk question. To pass the theory test you can do maximum 4 mistakes in questions, 1 in special risk quesitions and 7 mistakes in images.

It's possible to do theory test with out 30 minutes time limit, if English, Finnish or Swedish is not your mother language, but test is then 94 euros (normally 35 euros). And then you can also take a translator with you.

Watch theory test video of Traficom:

Ajokaista theory training program You can buy Ajokaista -training program from driving school or direct from internet 29,90 euros for 6 months. Ajokaista is close to real theory test.

Driving exam Is normal driving in traffic. Driving test time is totally about 60 minutes. Include driving in all normal traffic situations (city, highway and parking). One big mistake is reason to fail the exam (for example no stopping on STOP -sign). Also test is always failed if driving emaminer have to help you (tell what you should do or stop the car or steer the car). If you drive to incorrect direction, where it's allowed to drive, it's not a mistake. After the driving exam you will get the feedback and result of the test.

Drive independently, smoothly, ecologic and social way

You need driving school car with extra pedals to do the driving exam. You can rent a car for driving test from your driving school. You can ask from driving school rent fee for driving test. If you fail the test you can book another test when there are available times. Each driving test is 90 for Ajovarma/Traficom.

Don't hurry to driving test. You must be able to control the car in all traffic situations. You must know traffic rules and also in practical situations obey traffic rules. You know how anticipate: take suitable lane early, observe traffic situations already early before and drive ecologic style. If you have problems to handling the car, take more driving lessons with your teacher before the test.

Common reasons to fail the driving test:

  • Driving throught Red lights
    Also you must stop when traffic light is yellow. But don't brake suddenly. Remember to watch rear-view mirror, how close the driver behind is? If you are middle of the junction area and traffic light turns to yellow, you must drive out from the junction area.

  • Ignoring Stop -sign
    Stop -sign you must stop no matter if there are any traffic users or not. You have to stop on a white stopping line (if there is one) or place where you can see.

    If there is zebra crossing, stop just before it. You can stop many times if need to and also you must give way for main street traffic.

  • Incorrect driving order
    When you have a yield -sign, you must give away all traffic on main road. In Equal junction you have to give way traffic from your right side (slow down and watch well). Equals are common in city center and housing areas when speed limit are 30 - 40km/h. Before you turn, remember to check cyclists. You must give way cyclists after the turning.

  • Incorrect grouping
    Before the turning you must keep the car on correct driving line. And if there are many lanes, take suitable lane for you to continue.

    Never change the lane at the last moment. Driving over the solid white line is prohibited.

  • Driving too near another vehicle
    You must leave min. 3 - 4 seconds safety distance in front. Don't drive too near vehicle that is parked. Somebody might open the door or step on the road behind the car.

  • Driving to prohibited direction
    Remember to concentrate for traffic signs. You are not allowed to drive on the road where is illegal to drive.

    If driving examiner ask you to turn to right and you turn to left, it is not a mistake, if driving to left is legal.

  • Overspeeding
    Test is failed if you drive once 10km/h above the limit, situation speed is too high or often you drive little above the limit. Watch speed limit signs and built-up area start and end -signs.

  • Changing the lane with out proper observation
    When you change the lane you also must check blind spot, turn your head over the shoulder.

    Correct technic = indicator - mirror - blind spot - change the lane. Use only one lane at once. Mostly in Finland streets are two-way roads (there are some one-way roads), drive on the right side.

  • Weak observation of cyclists and pedestrians
    Before you turn you must check that there are no any cyclists or pedestrians. When pedestrian is about to stepping to zebra crossing or is on it, you must give away for him.

  • Driving is not smooth enough
    If you are driving unnecessary slowly, driving examinor can fail the test. For example if the engine switch off several times when you try to move off, your driving is not smooth enough. Also driving much under the maximum speed limit on bigger road is not right, when weather is good, it is no dark and there are not much traffic.

  • Joining speed to motorway is too slowly
    Driver who join to motorway have to give way for those who drive there alredy.

    You must speed up on acceleration lane before you change to motorway. Target speed is the maximum speed limit speed. If weather is bad you must find suitable situation speed.

  • Too high situation speed for turning
    Slow down your speed good time before the turning. Especially in winter time roads might be very slippery. When you have yield sign for you, drive slowly and don't surprise drivers on main street.

  • Overtaking a car infront of zebra crossing with out stopping
    If there is a vehicle parked or stopped in front of zebra crossing and you have to overtake it, you must stop next it before you can continue.

    Stopping is not necessary if distance is more than 5 meters. When somebody walk to the pedestrian crossing it nearly impossible to see him.