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Parking and stopping

Parking and stopping When you stop your car and pick someone up or let someone out, it is stopping a vehicle. Also loading the car is stopping, if there is some work to happening. Everything else besides stopping is considerate as parking.

You can park and stop the car to right side of the street in urban area, if there are no any traffic signs or rules that prohibited to park. On a one-way road you can also park to left side of the street.

When you park your car drive always slowly. Itīs advisable to reverse your car in to parking place.

No parking - traffic sign When there is No parking traffic sign parking is not allowed. In this picture the white car is parked correct because additional (arrow down) mark that no park ends here.

No stopping - traffic sign You can't stop or park after this traffic sign. Stopping is for example loading your car with cargo or passengers. Try to find place where stopping is possible.

Parking is prohibited in front of pedestrian crossing You can't park or stop in front of pedestrian crossing. Leave minimum 5 meter distance between your car and pedestrian crossing. Parking is allowed right after the pedestrian crossing.

A driver who overtake the white car, might have difficulties to observe if somebody step to pedestrian crossing. The white car blog visibility and when you overtake it, you must stop next to it. And check that nobody will walk to pedestrian crossing. Especially it is difficult to see a little child.

Parking is prohibited in junction area Parking is and stopping in to the junction area is not allowed. The white car in picture is in middle of crossing area and that is not allowed even though this is T-type junction. You must leave at least 5 meter distance before and after the junction.