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Traffic signs

Traffic signs In Finland we have many traffic signs and most of signs are quite easy to guess. But you better to check traffic signs before you drive. Some traffic signs are complecated and still driver must obey those.

Check all traffic signs in Finland

Built-up area start / Urban area When you drive to city the speed limit automatically drop down to 50km/h. In many places speed limit might be limited with traffic signs. Often to 40km/h or even lower to 30km/h, but also 60km/h is possible in city areas. When urban area ends the limit is 80km/h.

Motorway Motorway is the biggest highway type in Finland. Summer time the limit might be even 120km/h, but winter time limits are max. 100km/h. Driving on a motorway is only allowed for motorpowered vehicles that can drive atleast 50km/h or faster. You are not allowed to stop, park, reverse or make a u-turn. If you missed the exit, continue to next exit out from motorway and maybe there is possible to turn back safely.

Driver who join to motorway have yield drivers already on a motorway. To make safe joining, speed up you speed to max. limit on acceleration lane and don't change the lane before you drive same speed with otheres. Don't slow down on a motorway, but drive steady speed. If you don't want to drive maximium speed, it is best to drive same speed with trucks and busses = 80-90km/h. Before you exit out, change to slow down lane and there you can slow down your speed. Weathers might in Finland might be difficult in winter time - drive suitable situation speed in snow blizzard.